Finished Shoujo Kakumei Utena!!


Akhirnya, saya berhasil menonton anime ini sampai habis. Pantas saja anime Utena ini sangat patut untuk ditonton karena ceritanya yang entah kenapa bikin saia mindbreak daripada menikmatinya. *oi ini sindiran?* Awal mulanya emang agak klise sih, Utena datang ke sekolah dengan pakaian yang ehem….paduan antara seksi dan tomboy. Bagaimana nggak seksi…pakai celana yang mirip dengan hot pants begitu. Utena punya maksud tersendiri kenapa dia memakai pakaian itu, untuk membuktikan bahwa dia ingin menjadi pangeran. 

Hum…sebelum saya menonton ini, saya mengira ini anime yuri. Sepertinya termakan omongan orang lain sebelum nonton pfft…
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Paradoxical ZOO by AKINO with bless4 (tv size indonesian translyric)

Jadi….karena iseng saia bikin beginian..

Paradoxical ZOO

zetsubouteki ni kimi wa kirei sa
hanten suru sekai no kattou ni aishiaou
bokura ga miteru sekai wa itsudemo sakasama de
doushiyou mo nai koto de taigai kimatteku

namida suru hodo kizu tsuku hitomi
kokoro de sakebi nagara
tada atteitai saigo no futari mazarenai mama
byouyomi ga kikoetekuru

zetsubouteki ni kimi wa kirei sa
sutareyuku doubutsu mitai ni aishiaou
nakitai kurai kimi wa kirei sa
hanten suru sekai no kattou ni kanjitai yo

translate :
kau sangat cantik buatku putus asa
di tengah ributnya dunia yang terbalik ini mari saling mencintai
dunia yang sedang kita lihat
selalu bergerak terbalik
diatur oleh kekuatan yang tak bisa kita sentuh

matamu yang kesakitan buatku ingin menangis
berteriak dari dalam hatiku
pasangan terakhir yang hanya ingin bertemu tak bisa bersama
dan waktupun mulai habis

kau sangat cantik buatku putus asa
seperti binatang yang terbuang, mari kita saling mencintai
kau sangat cantik buatku ingin menangis
ingin kurasakan di tengah ributnya dunia yang terbalik ini

masih nubie ternyata saia :ngacir:

Spring Animu 2012

Wait, I guess this airing schedule is way too fast than I’ve had expected.


But, of course this is the great time to introduce Spring Anime this year. (Yeah it’s March and soon April will come :v). Splendid, Japan! Omigoto desune!! *oh wtf did i just said

So, ignore about the rants…

Here’s the list for Spring Anime 2012. Just click on this picture

Ehm…so what I want to pick from Spring Anime are….

1. Hyouka

Mystery genre from KyoAni, huh? And Classic Literature Club? So, isn’t Haruhi series is a mystery genre too? *hesitates

I guess this anime would be as great as the light novel though, and not so boring like Keion! (slapped by k-on fans). Well, I ‘ll put in my download list for a while.

2. Tsuritama

Passive guy again after Oreki Hotarou in Hyouka…but full of boys (not much though). The artwork reminds me of…Cencoroll? or perhaps not…teehee.

Fyi, this animation will be airing on noitaminA’s slot so let’s hoping that Tsuritama will be a good series this year.

3.  Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

A girl who lost her memories after death and encounters the real world together with a boy who can see her, named Niiya Teichi.  First time I read the manga,  Tasogare otome is good story though i didn’t read it till latest chapter appears.  I’m looking forward for this series….

4. Eureka Seven Ao

I haven’t watch the previous season…yet. Should I stick with season 1 first?

This anime PV looks great..:D

5. Fate / Zero part 2

Now I must hurry to finish season 1 first. Actually this series is beyond good but I dropped it because a lil bit bored with the story progress. As expected, I only an B class otaku….LOL. I must hurry right now asap.

6.  Medaka Box

aah…glad that studio Gainax will produce this anime.  Actually I don’t like heroine with you know what is that and also a lil bit tsundere.  But, it’s a work from NisiOisin, why don’t watch it first before reading the manga…:D

7. Saint Seiya Omega

Kohga is like another Takuto Tsunashi? ehm…forget it. Hoping that this series getting as good as the previous one.

Oh I forgot with Canvas too…I haven’t watched it yet. xD

I guess that’s all I pick from Spring Anime 2012.  A lame review though (also with rants everywhere) but I’m glad that I can review one while working on undergraduate thesis.

So…see you on the next post. xD

TamStar Records Album Collection


This is a doujin album from Comiket #79, consists songs by singers from Nico-Nico and vocaloid composers. (livetune and ryo supercell are also included)

Before I listen to this album, I just looking for all Yanagi Nagi’s music on youtube until I found a song titled empty composed by kz livetune. This song is so calm, like a lullaby before sleeping. Like the title, when you listen it this song is also feels empty. This is the video if you wanna know the song.

Another favourite song is from Yun*chi with Believe* as the singles. This single is also composed by livetune. Heartwarming song with cute voice from Yun*chi makes me feel comfortable (wait, what? lol). A single from Rappibito and clear titled Ashita e (composed by ryo supercell) is like GreeeeN’s voice but so damn good.

Well a short review though but overall only 3 or 4 singles that I like much. This album makes me want to collect another doujin album with different composers, lol. Rappibito, you’re also cool man! xD~

Maaya Sakamoto’s New Mini Album

Best mini-album so far. Theme for this album is “winter” (based on an information of this page, try to click on maaya’s page) and also to celebrate Christmas that will come at December.  At first, I’m not into a Christmas music with jingle bells or full of praying lyrics and others that makes me falls into the music even if it’s a good song (No offense, but I’m a moslem). But after I heared all of the songs, just a few songs that celebrates Christmas and the others is just suitable for winter season that have cold and quiet atmosphere. So, I guess it can’t be helped but like this album. heheh..

One of the album that makes me feel gloomy is “Melt the Snow in Me”. This song is so dark and full of sadness for those who feels lonely in the winter. It arranged by two foreign musician (perhaps), Rasmus Faber and Frida Sundemo. So, i choose it as my favourite song ever that i could repeated it frequently lulz.

“Kotoshi Ichiban (This year is the best)” is also becoming my favourite song. A lil bit jazzy though, but i like it. 🙂 The album cover is very good and suits this album theme perfectly.

Overall, this is the best mini album you can enjoy it in winter season this year.

Anyways, here is the video from this album, “Sayonara Santa”. It also to celebrate Christmas.  Enjoy!!

Welcome to the Carnival!!

Sorry for the long hiatus, seems like i’ll be busy for the next day because of my homework essay, making a proposal, etc.

First,  with a shame I’ll say that I’m not really good in English. Nevertheless, I want it to be my first anime blog in English to…well of course increasing my ability to write in English.

To relaxing my mind, I’d got an anime that makes me laugh so hard. It’s from Type-Moon, and to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they making an anime titled “Carnival Phantasm”. It’s actually a comedy series consist parody from “Shingetsutan Tsukihime”, “Fate/Stay Night” and “Melty Blood” and only appeared in OVA not TV series. As you can see, two between three series are already adapted in anime series with different studios (JC Staff and Studio Deen). I love both series of them except erotic scenes in “Tsukihime”, really don’t like that part..hehe…

Episode starts with “Fate/Stay Night” parody, or should I said is a “Holy Grail” parody because is much more like quizzes than the real battle in real “Fate/Stay Night” before, so I just laughing out loud when watched them fights to obtain Holy Grail ridiculously. Poor Shirou too, he has entered a rocket with force by Neco-Arcs after destroying the holy grail…LOL

And we have neco-arc working as bartender. Wanna have some coffee-latte?? xDD

Ilyasviel and Kotomine-dono. They’re actually enemies but appeared as hosts from that show?? O_O

Episode two is “Tsukihime” parody, ohlol i just can’t stop laughing. Shiki and his harem are so adorable and also idiot *oops* especially Arcueid Brunestud who can’t play volleyball. Ciel suddenly becomes colder and arrogant in this series than “Tsukihime” , which her character  is actually a calm person.  *oops grammar fail again*. In “Carnival Phantasm” we have bonus show like “Marble Phantasmoon” with Arcueid Brunestud, Shiki Tohno, and Akiha Tohno as the main character. Very funny, just like “Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon” xDD

And also the show titled “Afterschool Alleyway Alliance” or Houkago! Roji Ura Doumei (if i didn’t write it wrong) with main characters from Melty Blood.

Next, I won’t review the next episode ’cause is full spoiler for those who don’t watch this series before. But at the end of episode four, there’s a polling for Twitter user to choose who will date who but I think it’s already out of date. Congratulations for those who voting Shiki and Emiya date choices, though I didn’t vote them ’cause it’s not interesting lol.

see you in next post…oh can’t think about how i could write this without preparation first..

And sorry if I have fail grammar here…(>.<)/

Summer Anime 2011 (bagian kedua)

uhm…lama sekali tidak menulis blog, mau nulis ini nggak pernah kesampaian juga..

Ya sudah, mari lihat postingan kedua dari animu Summer 2011

1. Sacred Seven

tandoji yang hobi ngomong “toriaezu” (setidaknya)

Awal pertama nonton, hadeeh…..yang pertama kulihat adalah tampang para karakternya yang terlihat sangat galau sampai hampir tidak senyum sama sekali. Saya jadi inget sinetron yang dari awal sampai akhir tak pernah menunjukkan adanya raut wajah kebahagiaan di dalamnya melainkan tampang para aktornya yang keliatan stres. Di anime ini aku juga berpikiran begitu. Tapi lambat laun alurnya berubah, at least tidak segalau episode pertamanya.  Dan entah kenapa saya suka sama karakter Tandoji yang kelihatan polos dan nggak ngerti apa-apa…*kyaaaa* Onigawara juga akhirnya jadi karakter favorit saya (patung yang bisa ngomong itu lho) karena alasan yang nggak penting, “emoticon”-nya yang sering muncul dan hancur. *lol*


2. Kamisama no Memochou

*sama dek, nggak mudeng maksudnya*

Untuk yang ini lumayan hebat juga. NEET tidak bisa diremehkan dan ternyata ada bermacam-macam tipe, kayak jadi pengangguran, warfare hardcore fan, satunya gigolo *ups*. Ada juga detektif tapi juga NEET, yaitu seorang cewek mungil nan imut yang ternyata hikikomori akut.  Diangkat dari light novel berjudul sama, karya Sugii Hikaru dan diilustrasikan oleh Kishida Mel. Dulu pertama kali baca manganya, sedikit kesal juga karena ya temanya NEET dan detektifnya pun hobi mengurung diri sambil menggeledah informasi di komputer dengan banyak monitor besar di mana-mana. Tapi setelah melihat animenya, yah ternyata cukup lucu dan tidak pernah lupa dengan fanservice.

ini dia pelakunya!

3. Dantalian no Shoka

Setelah menonton anime ini, aku masih nggak nyambung. Buku yang tersimpan dalam tubuh seorang cewek….ide bagus. Tapi biasanya sih saya menonton tanpa memikirkan dulu apa isinya, jelas aja dari tadi nggak nyambung. Anime ini terkesan sepi dan gelap, sehingga aku harus jeda beberapa menit biar tahan menontonnya dan tidak bosan. Nggak biasanya Gainax bikin anime yang sepi kayak begini. Masih suka dengan karya Gainax yang lain seperti anime gar Gurren Lagann.

4. Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

yah memang cewek mungil ini imuut sekali…..

tapi yang ini lebih imut….*lhaaa*

Kisah seorang gadis mungil dari Nagasaki bernama Yune, memulai petualangannya menuju Prancis dengan tujuan bekerja sebagai TKW *lhaaaaaa*di Enseignes du Roy, toko pandai besi milik Claude. Rasanya sebutan TKW terlalu jauh tapi sebenarnya pantas juga yaa~ *apa sih*. Mangaka Ikoku Meiro ini juga sebelumnya pernah menjadi ilustrator untuk light novel Gosick, yang sudah selesai ditayangkan menjadi anime oleh Bones, yaitu Takeda Hinata. Cerita yang cukup menggetarkan hati plus pengetahuan tentang budaya Prancis ditampilkan dalam anime ini. Meski ada beberapa poin penting yang berbeda dari manga-nya, ceritanya masih tetap bikin terharu ;_;

Yah saya kira review Summer 2011 sudah cukup sampai di sini, lainnya masih tidak tertarik :p

Untuk Fall 2011? Sebentar dulu ya…

Promosi juga, bagi yang punya tumblr follow saia disini ya 😉

See you…