Anime Glimpse of 2018 (Winter)

Hello, guys!

Time sure flies and I didn’t follow much anime this season. Probably, I am getting old for these kind of things…(?). But, I am still playing some Japanese RNG tho. And that’s not the only reason. I usually streaming at some websites but my internet connection were too crap and sometimes stop buffering at a certain time. It makes me wanna give up on watching tho. But don’t worry, I still love anime and manga.

Today’s review is a glimpse of anime this season. This season is so many interesting anime, especially the remake one. I am a bit selective this time but here’s the list of anime that I watched right now.

1 .  Cardcaptor Sakura : Clear Card Arc


Here comes my childhood memories!!

Did you watch it? You should watch right now!!

Finally, after a long time, CLAMP creates a sequel from this series. I already read the manga and it was very beautiful yet cute story, especially the relationships between Sakura and Syaoran. Who could imagine that they are finally meet each other again after separating for such a long time. Aand for the anime version, the visuals, the cards and rod were drawn very beautifully and I almost have no words about every single detail. Probably, it’s because of modern era and technology that brings this series into a very pretty yet cute animation.

2.  Pop Team Epic


An anime shitpost that you’ve never seen before.

I didn’t know about this series until I find out that it will be adapted into an anime. So, I was checking the series on Youtube and there is an user that willingly animate the comic version. It was reaaaally funny, though. (The user name is CptNameless, check it out!!) When the manga is adapted into an anime, it is just as I expected. So many shitpost, as the manga is a meme itself. Pewdiepie also referenced them as a bonus meme in his latest video. The references inside the anime were so many that I really couldn’t figure out until I found Totoro, Kimi no Na Wa, and Pokemon. Some of the scene itself can be recreated as meme too! Try it! (lol)

3.  Violet Evergarden


Animation by KyoAni really makes me wonder, especially this anime. The visual is quite beautiful and smooth, but I guess it’s too much. Probably KyoAni wants to be as edgy as possible, except the filters and other effects that hurting my eyes a bit. *My laptop monitor is too bright anyways*.

Aside from the visuals, I actually liked the concept story behind it. It tells the story about a veteran named Violet Evergarden who lost both of her hands in the war. She then get offered by Claudia Hodgins to work at his company, CH Mail Service as a deliverer. Seeing the Doll writes a letter in a typewriter, she gets interested in Auto Memories Doll’s job which is offering ghostwriter for people who cannot write properly. Finally, Violet consult Hodgins and asked to be one of them because she wants to know about the words “I love you”.

At first glance, I thought Violet was a robot (lol) because of the term “Auto Memories Doll” and also her prosthetic hands. But to think about it, it’s kinda impossible because of the era. The Doll itself refers to the ghostwriters. It’s kinda interesting, because as far as I know, there isn’t an anime about these kind of jobs. Talk about ghostwriting, I remembered the story about a main character from the novel “1Q84” who has the same job but he is ordered to remain hidden from public.  This anime is quite the same but might be a little different because she is writing some letters for people, not the author. Lastly, I really want to find out more about this story and might hope that this anime would continue to be really great someday.

4.  Koi wa Ameagari no You Ni / After The Rain


These two clumsy people are meet each other and the reaction is always funny. I am kinda sad that these romantic story is very difficult to comprehend. The love between a 17 years old-high school girl and the manager that has the age gap around 20 years is totally surprised me. It might safe to say that this isn’t a pedophile action, as the girl is really in love with the manager. I wonder why it got through Noitamina’s slot though. And these series will also gets a live action adaptation too, starring Nana Komatsu and Yo Oizumi.

But the mangaka could cover these weird story with the comedy, or a lil bit fanservice of Akira *glaring at her amazing legs*, and clumsiness of Kondo that makes me chuckles a lot. And also thanks to Wit Studio, who brings anime like Shingeki no Kyoujin, the animation is very smooth and relaxing, as if you watch it with Lo-Fi Chill Hop BGM from Youtube. *whacked*

5. Darling in the FranXX


An anime collaboration between Trigger and A-1 Pictures, but it looks more like A-1 Pictures (or Bones) though. *chuckles*

The FranXX really reminds me of Tauburn from Star Driver. SO SLIM, OMG!! Tauburn is probably like the father or brother of those robots because they are almost have the same design.

If you’re wondering why their design is look alike, it is because their robot designer are the same person, Koyama Shigeto. Kinda awkward seeing those Parasites operating FranXX, and the girl’s position is just so wrong that I could cringe A LOT, even though the story is also good and easy to catch. Now, I am wondering how Hiro and Zero Two pilots Strelizia, since after episode 2 it hasn’t been announced yet.

Okay, that’s the glimpse for this season. I am very sorry for my broken English. The anime list above is actually based on Youtube and some community’s recommendation, which is why I decided to watch it because….of course, curious about the story and I’ve been selective choosing what anime I should watch this season. But, if you have some recommendation about this season, kindly please leave the comment below, I’ll try to watch some of them.

Thank you for reading! XD


2 thoughts on “Anime Glimpse of 2018 (Winter)

  1. I hadn’t thought of that before but the robots in FRANXX really do look like the ones in Star Driver. And same person, that explains it. Thanks for sharing.

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