Spring Animu 2012

Wait, I guess this airing schedule is way too fast than I’ve had expected.


But, of course this is the great time to introduce Spring Anime this year. (Yeah it’s March and soon April will come :v). Splendid, Japan! Omigoto desune!! *oh wtf did i just said

So, ignore about the rants…

Here’s the list for Spring Anime 2012. Just click on this picture

Ehm…so what I want to pick from Spring Anime are….

1. Hyouka

Mystery genre from KyoAni, huh? And Classic Literature Club? So, isn’t Haruhi series is a mystery genre too? *hesitates

I guess this anime would be as great as the light novel though, and not so boring like Keion! (slapped by k-on fans). Well, I ‘ll put in my download list for a while.

2. Tsuritama

Passive guy again after Oreki Hotarou in Hyouka…but full of boys (not much though). The artwork reminds me of…Cencoroll? or perhaps not…teehee.

Fyi, this animation will be airing on noitaminA’s slot so let’s hoping that Tsuritama will be a good series this year.

3.  Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

A girl who lost her memories after death and encounters the real world together with a boy who can see her, named Niiya Teichi.  First time I read the manga,  Tasogare otome is good story though i didn’t read it till latest chapter appears.  I’m looking forward for this series….

4. Eureka Seven Ao

I haven’t watch the previous season…yet. Should I stick with season 1 first?

This anime PV looks great..:D

5. Fate / Zero part 2

Now I must hurry to finish season 1 first. Actually this series is beyond good but I dropped it because a lil bit bored with the story progress. As expected, I only an B class otaku….LOL. I must hurry right now asap.

6.  Medaka Box

aah…glad that studio Gainax will produce this anime.  Actually I don’t like heroine with you know what is that and also a lil bit tsundere.  But, it’s a work from NisiOisin, why don’t watch it first before reading the manga…:D

7. Saint Seiya Omega

Kohga is like another Takuto Tsunashi? ehm…forget it. Hoping that this series getting as good as the previous one.

Oh I forgot with Canvas too…I haven’t watched it yet. xD

I guess that’s all I pick from Spring Anime 2012.  A lame review though (also with rants everywhere) but I’m glad that I can review one while working on undergraduate thesis.

So…see you on the next post. xD


3 thoughts on “Spring Animu 2012

  1. In fact, Tsuritama character designer is Atsuy Uki, the original creator of Cencoroll.

    I hate spring season this year. So many potential anime I’d like to watch but I don’t think I have enough time. I could ended up following 10+ shows next season. I’d cover that on my blog later.

    • agreed
      I also a lil bit confused what should I pick for spring season.

      ah so I correct this time that Tsuritama’s character design is the same as Cencoroll… xD

  2. Saya bukan fans berat Saint Seiya (gara2 ada damsel-in-distress itu) jadi bakal pass. Hyouka, Tsuritama, Fate/Zero season 2 wajib tonton. Sisanya coba tonton dulu.

    Kuroko no Basket patut dicoba. Iya, itu tipikal sport shonen TAPI nggak ada tipikal tokoh utama. Biasanya hero sport shonen:
    1. Dibully lalu pengen jadi kuat.
    2. Prodigy yg super jenius, hampir gak pernah kalah kecuali di latihan kecil.
    3. Jatuh cintrong ama cewek cantik, makanya mau nyoba olahraga itu. (Slam Dunk, etc)

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