TamStar Records Album Collection


This is a doujin album from Comiket #79, consists songs by singers from Nico-Nico and vocaloid composers. (livetune and ryo supercell are also included)

Before I listen to this album, I just looking for all Yanagi Nagi’s music on youtube until I found a song titled empty composed by kz livetune. This song is so calm, like a lullaby before sleeping. Like the title, when you listen it this song is also feels empty. This is the video if you wanna know the song.

Another favourite song is from Yun*chi with Believe* as the singles. This single is also composed by livetune. Heartwarming song with cute voice from Yun*chi makes me feel comfortable (wait, what? lol). A single from Rappibito and clear titled Ashita e (composed by ryo supercell) is like GreeeeN’s voice but so damn good.

Well a short review though but overall only 3 or 4 singles that I like much. This album makes me want to collect another doujin album with different composers, lol. Rappibito, you’re also cool man! xD~


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