Maaya Sakamoto’s New Mini Album

Best mini-album so far. Theme for this album is “winter” (based on an information of this page, try to click on maaya’s page) and also to celebrate Christmas that will come at December.  At first, I’m not into a Christmas music with jingle bells or full of praying lyrics and others that makes me falls into the music even if it’s a good song (No offense, but I’m a moslem). But after I heared all of the songs, just a few songs that celebrates Christmas and the others is just suitable for winter season that have cold and quiet atmosphere. So, I guess it can’t be helped but like this album. heheh..

One of the album that makes me feel gloomy is “Melt the Snow in Me”. This song is so dark and full of sadness for those who feels lonely in the winter. It arranged by two foreign musician (perhaps), Rasmus Faber and Frida Sundemo. So, i choose it as my favourite song ever that i could repeated it frequently lulz.

“Kotoshi Ichiban (This year is the best)” is also becoming my favourite song. A lil bit jazzy though, but i like it. 🙂 The album cover is very good and suits this album theme perfectly.

Overall, this is the best mini album you can enjoy it in winter season this year.

Anyways, here is the video from this album, “Sayonara Santa”. It also to celebrate Christmas.  Enjoy!!


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