Welcome to the Carnival!!

Sorry for the long hiatus, seems like i’ll be busy for the next day because of my homework essay, making a proposal, etc.

First,  with a shame I’ll say that I’m not really good in English. Nevertheless, I want it to be my first anime blog in English to…well of course increasing my ability to write in English.

To relaxing my mind, I’d got an anime that makes me laugh so hard. It’s from Type-Moon, and to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they making an anime titled “Carnival Phantasm”. It’s actually a comedy series consist parody from “Shingetsutan Tsukihime”, “Fate/Stay Night” and “Melty Blood” and only appeared in OVA not TV series. As you can see, two between three series are already adapted in anime series with different studios (JC Staff and Studio Deen). I love both series of them except erotic scenes in “Tsukihime”, really don’t like that part..hehe…

Episode starts with “Fate/Stay Night” parody, or should I said is a “Holy Grail” parody because is much more like quizzes than the real battle in real “Fate/Stay Night” before, so I just laughing out loud when watched them fights to obtain Holy Grail ridiculously. Poor Shirou too, he has entered a rocket with force by Neco-Arcs after destroying the holy grail…LOL

And we have neco-arc working as bartender. Wanna have some coffee-latte?? xDD

Ilyasviel and Kotomine-dono. They’re actually enemies but appeared as hosts from that show?? O_O

Episode two is “Tsukihime” parody, ohlol i just can’t stop laughing. Shiki and his harem are so adorable and also idiot *oops* especially Arcueid Brunestud who can’t play volleyball. Ciel suddenly becomes colder and arrogant in this series than “Tsukihime” , which her character  is actually a calm person.  *oops grammar fail again*. In “Carnival Phantasm” we have bonus show like “Marble Phantasmoon” with Arcueid Brunestud, Shiki Tohno, and Akiha Tohno as the main character. Very funny, just like “Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon” xDD

And also the show titled “Afterschool Alleyway Alliance” or Houkago! Roji Ura Doumei (if i didn’t write it wrong) with main characters from Melty Blood.

Next, I won’t review the next episode ’cause is full spoiler for those who don’t watch this series before. But at the end of episode four, there’s a polling for Twitter user to choose who will date who but I think it’s already out of date. Congratulations for those who voting Shiki and Emiya date choices, though I didn’t vote them ’cause it’s not interesting lol.

see you in next post…oh can’t think about how i could write this without preparation first..

And sorry if I have fail grammar here…(>.<)/


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